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February 3, 2008

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Just registered for ASPLOS ’08 and VEE ’08, both to take place in Seattle on the first week of March. If you’ll be there, make sure to say hi!

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The ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review special issue on work from IBM Research has hit the archives and is choke full of goodness. Unfortunately you need an ACM subscription or SIGOPS membership to access it.

Copies of my papers that appear in the issue can be found on the publications page as usual. These are “Vigilant—Out-of-band Detection of Failures in Virtual Machines” (with Dan Pelleg, Rick Harper, Lisa Spainhower and Tokunbo Adeshiyan), “Virtual Machine Time Travel Using Continuous Data Protection and Checkpointing” (with Paula Ta-Shma, Guy Laden, and Michael Factor), and “Open Source as a Foundation for Systems Research” (with Eric Van Hensbergen). Comments always appreciated.

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