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May 26, 2008

upcoming conference submission deadlines

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Still haven’t decided which conferences to submit which paper to, except SYSML which is the obvious venue for the follow-on paper to our Vigilant work.

ASPLOS ’09: August 1st, VEE ’09: August 29, SYSML ’08: Sep 26th, EuroSys ’09: Nov 7th, HOTOS ’09: Jan 13th, 2009.

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On Thursday this week I’ll be giving a talk at the 2008 Israeli Networking Seminar on “Networked I/O for Virtual Machines: Approaches and Challenges.”

Next month I’ll be returning to one of my favorite cities in the world, Boston, for the 2008 Xen Summit North America, the Workshop on Managed Many-Core Systems (MMCS) and USENIX ATC.

The Operating Systems Review special issue on research and developments in the Linux kernel is shaping up quite nicely and should be going to the printers soon. All of the accepted papers are good, but some are real diamonds.

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Simon L. Peyton Jones, John Hughes, and John Launchbury , Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, Scotland, “How to write a great research paper”.

Link via Silvia Miksch‘s excellent page of tips on how to do research.

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