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October 22, 2008

notes for Sunday Oct 20 through Tuesday Oct 22nd

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This is not serious, I’m supposed to remember what I was doing three days ago? I can barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning.

I started walking again in the mornings. Today I was up before the crack of dawn for a brisk walk on the sea shore, and when I got back home, I even had enough energy left for a few rounds with the boxing bag. Finished reading Haruki Murakami, and now re-reading Living the Martial Way. It’s a funny little book, so earnest it’s hard to take it seriously, but with nuggets of wisdom nonetheless.

October 19, 2008

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The WIOV 08 website is up, including the full program! See y’all there.

notes for Thursday Oct 16 through Saturday Oct 18

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Thursday: just another day at work . In the afternoon, went to meet an amazing carpenter (US: cabinet maker). Spent three hours going over the plans in minute detail, making lots of changes, and then he told us how much it was going to cost. Staggered to Noga’s cauldron for a late dinner.

Friday: BBQ with old friends at Ira’s. Once upon a time it would’ve been all Linux hacking, all the time, but now business and what the kids are doing is that much more interesting. Progress, of a sort.

Saturday: a day of rest and recuperation. In the evening off to Mika’s 1-year old birthday party. I still remember the sense of accomplishment we felt at Yael’s 1-year old birthday party, that we actually managed to raise her and she is fine. Resumed reading Haruki Murakmi’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.

October 16, 2008

notes for Wednesday Oct 15

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A day of odds and ends. The WIOV schedule should be going up today or tomorrow. Continued looking into the feasibility of a new project which will require coordination with an inordinate amount of people. Worked on a bunch of new patent disclosures. Hacked a bit on a new idea for IOTLB design until the serial port server stopped giving me love, and then went into paper reading mode.

October 15, 2008

Reservoir research report available

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Last year I helped conceive and write a proposal for an ambitious EU project called Reservoir: Resources and Services Virtualization without Barriers. IBM Research Report H-262, 2008, “RESERVOIR—An ICT Infrastructure for Reliable and Effective Delivery of Services as Utilities” is now available. This research report summarizes the (172 pages…) proposal and describes the key ideas underlying Reservoir.

notes for Tuesday Oct 14

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Lunch with the Tel-Aviv, business oriented, brunch of the family in their nice new house. In the evening didn’t feel like doing much of anything; ended up de-cluttering my publications page.

October 14, 2008

notes for Monday Oct 13

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More work on the nap and vnic papers in the morning, making progress toward their respective deadlines. In the evening BBQ—fillet mignon and a good wine—with my folks in our garden.

October 12, 2008

notes for Sunday Oct 12

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Woke up bleary eyed, but settled into a productive day at the office debugging by proxy and reviewing a couple of draft papers (vnic and nap). In the evening got some work done on the secret project, too.

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For those who haven’t seen it yet, the call for papers for the SYSTOR 2009 Israeli Experimental Systems Conference is out. Better get started working on those papers!

notes for Satuday Oct 11th

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Planned, prepared for and executed Yael’s 2-year birthday. Splendid success, including several tipsy family members. Pictures to come. Cleaned up afterwards and eventually crashed. Woke back up at 2:30 AM and tried to convince Yael to go back to sleep until 4 AM. Re-crashed.

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