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June 28, 2004

PNS #50 – you win some, you lose some

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Didn’t make it to the gym today. Not enough will power, too much pressure at the office, whatever. My body could use the rest. No culinary transgressions, though.

Pool tomorrow morning, then tennis in the evening. Back on track 🙂

(16 days until we leave for Boston. 2.3kgs to lose, as of this morning. That’s 144 grams per day, which roughly translates to a caloric deficit of 1100 calories per day. If I keep the elevated activity levels, should be a breeze).

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The loot from thinkgeek has arrived. I am now the happy owner of a bunch of cool geeky stuff! pictures coming up whenever.

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There’s a new security forum being set up at TAU that looks fairly interesting. (via linux-il).

June 27, 2004

lunch-time reading

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StackGhost: Hardware Facilitated Stack Protection, by Mike Frantzen et al.

GCC extension for protecting applications from stack-smashing attacks, from IBM’s Tokyo Research Lab.

StackGuard: Automatic Adaptive Detection and Prevention of Buffer-Overflow attacks, by Crispin Cowan et al.

PNS #47, #48, #49 – I love tennis and will-power is everything

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The weekend was pretty damn fine, PNS-wise. Played tennis[0] on Friday and Saturday, watched for I ate[1], and achieved my weight goal for this week! I am now 9.2kgs less than when I started this diet. Although there’s plenty more to go, that’s starting to border on “respectable”. What’s better, I am getting into an athletic frame of mind[2], which means that in any day that I don’t engage in sports, I miss it.

This morning had a very-good workout in the gym, although my entire body is sore from tennis. Started with 28 minutes on the cross, in my usual “weight loss” program. The program has 7 alternating 4 minute segments, where in one segment the cross is “level” (all major leg muscles), and in the next segment it is elevated (inclined) (thighs and buttocks). I usually try to maintain a pulse of 145-150, which is in the middle of my cardiovascular range, and then go up to 155-160 for the next-to-last segment, and go to 160-170 for the last segment. Today the last segment was particularly hard, and I kept chanting “SEAL SEAL SEAL” in my mind to avoid giving up. I didn’t.

Plan for tomorrow is gym again, and then pool on Tuesday. Assuming my body can keep up with this pace, of course…[3]

[0] With ladypine on Friday, and then with ladypine, nyh and Hadar on Saturday. Hadar beat me 6-1, which is a great incentive to get better 🙂

[1] except for one incident – on Friday night, after a pretty exhausting day and 1.5 hours of tennis, I had a tiny supper. Then I went to sleep hungry, assuming that I would wake up in the morning refreshed. Instead I woke up at 2 AM, *hungry*, and had a rather large midnight snack. Note to self: not enough food is just as bad as too much food.

[2] “athletic frame of mind”, or more likely, an endorphin rush.

[3] It can. I’m tougher than I think.

June 26, 2004

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I can’t sleep, so I’m reading the Boston travel guide we bought today and checking out hotels. Hotel@MIT, except for the stupid name, looks marvelous. Good location, T1 in every room(!!!@!). 179$ per night, though… that’s a bit high, I think? still, I like to live large when traveling abroad 🙂

If any’ians are reading this, we’d love to meet you! we’re going to be in Boston from July 15th to July 20th, and then we’re heading to OLS2004.

June 24, 2004

PNS #45, #46 – the metamorphose

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Yesterday, I worked from home. Working from home led to doing a gym session in the morning, a 3km walk on foot in the afternoon, and then 1km at the pool. My whole body aches now. I’m happy. My weight is stable, and I’m semi-happy about that. I’d like to lose another 0.6kgs this week, which should be doable with gym-walk-pool tomorrow and tennis on Saturday, provided I watch what I eat. I’ve been eating a little too much this week, and what’s worse, not eating enough vegetables.

This morning I did a short gym session, 30 minutes on the cross-trainer, then chest and pull-ups, then abs.

That’s it for today’s update. Now it’s time to do some work..

June 22, 2004

public service announcement

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You may also refer to me as muli (at) member (dot) fsf (dot) org, and muliby (at) gmail (dot) com (thanks, shari!).

new loot!

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– Orna bought me tons of stuff from thinkgeek, seeing as my birthday is coming up. Loot include /dev/mug, “got root” bucket hat, the quintessential stuffed tux and a tux golf shirt. Have I mentioned I have the best SO?
– My order from the free software foundation arrived this morning. Two tshirts with the GPL on them (I am now a walking license!), and a GNU travel mug.
– I bought new running shoes yesterday. Exactly the same (New Balance 991) as the old running shoes, which have served me faithfully in the last few years.
– I also bought a new backpack, an Eagle Creek Work Space 30L pack, with a special nest for one’s faithful companion, the laptop. Now I can lug my laptop on hikes! (I can hear you Orna, yes, I know I will actually have to actually go on hikes!)
– I bought new shoe pads (no idea what these are called in English..) for my flat feet. This is something that my health insurance should have covered, but the sales person convinced me to get new and improved ones, to the tune of 1400 NIS(!) (310$). The selling points were the fact that I should feel absolutely no foot pain with these, and a money-back guarantee if I am not happy with them. I should get them in two weeks, and we’ll see.
– I bought new earrings. I’ve been wearing the same pair of earrings for a few years, but one of them got lost last week. The old ones cost me around 10 NIS (some unknown metal) – the new ones 400 NIS (18 karat “white gold”). I have expensive tastes.

PNS day #44 – onwards!

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The good news: As predicted yesterday, I am at the lowest ever weight since starting. This means I have already achieved my goal for this week. Not sure if I should revise the goal, or just enjoy the achievement and take the rest of the week easy. Probably the former, taking things easy is a slippery slope…

The bad news: I didn’t make it to the pool this morning. I woke up after five hours of sleep, considered very briefly going to the pool, and went back to sleep. I am ashamed of myself for this flagrant SEAL-unworthy behavior. I did do abs and push-ups in the morning before heading to work, so it wasn’t a complete waste, but still… I should have gone to the pool. There is no excuse.

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