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April 30, 2004

Linus on binary modules

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lays in on the Linuxant “GPL” thread
, in his usual eloquent

A kernel module is _not_ a separate work, and can in _no_ way be seen as
“part of the hardware”. It’s very much a part of the _kernel_. And the
kernel developers require that such code be GPL’d so that it can be fixed,
or if there’s a valid argument that it’s not a derived work and not GPL’d,
then the kernel developers who have to support the end result mess most
definitely do need to know about the taint.

You are not the first (and sadly, you likely won’t be the last) person to
equate binary kernel modules with binary firmware. And I tell you that
such a comparison is ABSOLUTE CRAPOLA. There’s a damn big difference
between running firmware on another chip behind a PCI bus, and linking
into the kernel directly.

And if you don’t see that difference, then you are either terminally
stupid, or you have some ulterior reason to claim that they are the same
case even though they clearly are NOT.

I should save this stuff for the next time this stupid argument comes
up at work.

April 29, 2004

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So, in about 15 minutes, I’ll lead a brainstorming session among my colleagues on “measuring innovations”. Don’t ask.

update: went quite well, if I may say so myself. Sometimes working in research is fun.

April 28, 2004

rant du jour

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I’m drowning in “urgent! must be done as soon as possible! preferably yesterday” work crap[0], albeit of the interesting[1] kind. Metallica is playing now, keeping me suitably pissed off. Pissed off is FUN!

[0] why do I have time to blog, then, you ask? because I’m waiting for Yet Another Kernel Compile.

[1] making initrd go places no initrd has gone before.

April 27, 2004

rant: how I’m going to spend the independence day vacation

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Rather than spend the day at home coding, I’m going to two different BBQ’s. One is my uncle’s; the other one is Orna’s boss’s. On the scale of things I’d like to be doing today, BBQs are ranking pretty damned low right now.

Then again, yesterday was a half day vacation day too, which I did spend at home, and I did nothing at all[0].

[0] watched Kill Bill, read Hacking the XBox, ate pizza. Nothing *productive*.

April 26, 2004

I’m a media whore

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It’s always a pleasure to stop by the post office and pick up new
books. Today’s loot is:

I also snarfed “Kill Bill, Vol. I” (which I haven’t seen yet!) at the
DVD place. I foresee a fun Independence Day vacation ahead…

April 24, 2004

keeping one’s cpus busy

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Orna went for a trip, and I’m now home alone doing various chores. In between washing the dishes and hanging the laundry, I’m compiling 2.6.6-rc2-mm1, which has lots of goodies (ChangeLog). I downloaded it using Matt Mackall‘s ketchup script, which needed this simple patch to work on my Fedora Core 1 system with python 2.2.

April 23, 2004

I’m baaaaack

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Had a grueling week, first preparing and then teaching the classes on
operating systems and C programming. I’m baaaack now.

Some eclectic catching up:

  • Shachar Shemesh, proprietor
    of Lingnu, has a blog now! It’s in Hebrew,

  • I snarfed Dan Simmons’s Illium
    in paperback. I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into.

    a lisp library for generating HTML easily. Looks useful for my latest
    (and as of now, vaporware) project.

  • I have ~180 unread emails in my work inbox. All of them need to be
    read, and some need to be responded to. I do not look forward
    to dealing with them.

  • My diet has taken a turn for the worse (to put it mildly) this
    week. I’m back on the horse now, though!

  • Things are not looking good in
    SCO land
    . Reminds me of a certain quip about revenge being a dish best
    eaten cold…

  • Interesting
    on brad‘s journal with regards to being
    robust in the face of random things assuming fd 0 is stdin, 1 is
    stdout, and 2 stderr and writing to them.

There were other things I wanted to write about, but I can’t remember
what. Oh well, till we meet again!

April 21, 2004

the polynomial field of classes I need to prepare

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I wasn’t supposed to work today. I was supposed to prepare the afore-mentioned one day C programming class, and a one day Operating Systems class, but we had a design review at work that needed to be done as soon as possible. The design review went fine, and afterward Orna and me went out for dinner. Somehow we ended up arguing whether our work qualifies as research or not, about the utility of Differential Equations to Operating Systems Design, and whether the Polynomials are a field, or a ring, or something else altogether (for the record, apparently depends on the kind of polynomial – according to this, Q[x] is the field of rational polynomials).

As for the preparations for the class – it’s almost ready, and it’s not even morning yet.

April 20, 2004

from the quotes you didn’t expect to see dept.

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zdnet has a series of “hacker profiles”. The first
is Raven Alder.

Alder hasn’t taken a holiday “that didn’t involve computer security”
for around five years. “Most of my vacations are something like, ‘Oh,
I’ll go to Ottawa Linux Symposium, that will be fun!’,” she said.

OLS paper listings now available

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From: "Andrew J. Hutton" 
Organization: Linux Symposium
User-Agent: KMail/1.6
Subject: [ols-announce] Paper & Presenters Listing

We have published the full listing of papers, tutorials, and bofs/meetings for 
the upcoming Linux Symposium (only 92 days away) on the website. Where links 
are not yet present, the presenter has yet to submit information.  If you are
a presenter please ensure your information has been submitted.  You can also
set your flag from your login page.

The Symposium is now over 25% booked, and there are 42 days before the end of
early registration price discounts.

6th Annual Linux Symposium, Linux Developers Conference, Ottawa, Canada
July 21-24th, 2004
ols-announce mailing list

First impression: wow, so many IBM’ers 🙂

Second impression: some good talks, some boring talks. Looks like
fun 🙂

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