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April 19, 2004

Keegan’s A History of Warfare

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I’ve been reading Keegan’s A History of Warfare for a while now; it starts slowly, and I’ve skipped certain passages that bored me to tears. Now, however, it’s coming to life. I’m on page 186, and the roman empire is crumbling before my eyes!

I’m bad.

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I’m bad. I’m skipping class to go hear Erez Hadad talk about the O(1) scheduler in tonight’s Haifux meeting. And I didn’t do my homework, either. Nee. I’m a bad boy and must be punished. I think I’ll use windows tomorrow![0]

[0] Don’t worry, I don’t actually have any windows machines around. Plus, it’s cruel and unusual punishment, and we don’t actually do those.

agenda for a one day c programming class

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I will be giving a one day class later this week on C programming. The
audience is people who have had some programming experience, but not
necessarily in C. I just started preparing it, and here’s my tentative
agenda. Comments will be appreciated, especially on possible
exercises. Note that There’s tons of stuff missing, but it’s only a
one day class…

  • one hour introduction (0900-0950): origins of c, why learn c, hello
    world, compiling with gcc on linux

  • one hour syntax of c(1000-1050)
  • exercise(1100-1150): small (100 line) program in c, contents TBD.
  • 1200-1300: lunch break
  • pointers and dynamic memory allocations(1300-1350)
  • structures, ADT(Abstract Data Types) and OOP in c(1400-1450)
  • exercise(1500-1600): write a program that will use dynamic memory,
    adt, oop (menu driven user interaction? interactive game?)

  • different aspects of c(1600-1650) c the standard, cross platform
    c, c as portable assembler, c as an interface to the operating system,
    libraries, posix, kernel.

Stuff I won’t be talking about: general programming, debugging,
profiling, optimizing, macros, kernel hacking =)

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