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April 17, 2004

my email is down

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fiasco, the colocated server that handles all email for, appears to be having some qmail problems. I suspect Shachar’s anti-virus installation, as qmail complains about ‘temporary problems after the DATA stage’, which is exactly the point I’d expect the anti-virus to kick in.

I took a look at the server and restarted clamav and qmail, but that didn’t work. We have a pretty complicated setup and I’m afraid to mess it up worse than it is right now, so I guess it’ll wait until Shachar gets back 😦

[edit: should’ve thought of it earlier… you can always reach me at muli(at)]

summer travel plans (Boston, OLS, Tucson)

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So, we’re going to OLS 2004. Current plans are spend a few days in Boston first (Thursday July 15th to Tuesday July 20th?), head over to Ottawa on Tuesday the 20th, meet gby and Limor there, hack^H^H^H^Hparty like mad at OLS, and then I split and head for Tucson on Sunday the 25th. Spend a week in Tucson meeting my Arizonian colleagues and conceivably even working, and then head back to .il just in time for August Penguins 2004. Sounds good to me!

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