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April 20, 2004

from the quotes you didn’t expect to see dept.

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zdnet has a series of “hacker profiles”. The first
is Raven Alder.

Alder hasn’t taken a holiday “that didn’t involve computer security”
for around five years. “Most of my vacations are something like, ‘Oh,
I’ll go to Ottawa Linux Symposium, that will be fun!’,” she said.

OLS paper listings now available

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From: "Andrew J. Hutton" 
Organization: Linux Symposium
User-Agent: KMail/1.6
Subject: [ols-announce] Paper & Presenters Listing

We have published the full listing of papers, tutorials, and bofs/meetings for 
the upcoming Linux Symposium (only 92 days away) on the website. Where links 
are not yet present, the presenter has yet to submit information.  If you are
a presenter please ensure your information has been submitted.  You can also
set your flag from your login page.

The Symposium is now over 25% booked, and there are 42 days before the end of
early registration price discounts.

6th Annual Linux Symposium, Linux Developers Conference, Ottawa, Canada
July 21-24th, 2004
ols-announce mailing list

First impression: wow, so many IBM’ers 馃檪

Second impression: some good talks, some boring talks. Looks like
fun 馃檪

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