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April 12, 2004

a couple of LaTeX tricks

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Here’s one on how to generate proper PDFs from LaTeX+prosper
sources, from yrk in private email:

Hello, here is some advice you didn't ask for:

I've noticed while reading your lecture slides for "User Mode Linux"
that the rightmost part of the page is cut off.

I had the same problem and found that adding the "-t a4" option (resize
for a4 paper) to the dvips command line will solve this.

Hope this helps.

And here’s one from Oron Peled, seen on the Haifux mailing list:

Usefull LaTeX tip (especially for PDFs):


    % some more text...

    and now let's put \url{}

You can get all your URL's automagically linked in your PDF's.
BTW: The docs for hyperref are worth reading for other nice effects.

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