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February 28, 2005

wikipedia strikes again

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List of Important Publications in Computer Science, perfect for jet-lag induced 03:30 AM mornings.

February 27, 2005

Watson trip – day 0

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I’m writing this from the comfort of spacious room 233 at the Mt. Kisco Holiday Inn. The network works, and thus I’m happy.

The flight went well. In some sort of a cosmic pay-back for the time we had the spectacular seats right next to the restrooms, I got a seat in the exit row, where one’s legs can actually be stretched. The small pleasures in life. I was asleep before the plane took off. We landed at 5 AM. Immigration was a breeze and I had no particular difficulty finding the Hertz counter at JFK. One champagne colored Ford Taurus later, I was cruising on the highway.

I am, however, navigationaly challenged. I took the first wrong turn as soon as I left the Hertz parking lot, even sooner than I expected. That one was easy to recover from, and eventually I made it out of JFK, and onto the highway. I was following instructions (thank you, google maps!) and made it some 30 miles out of JFK when I got confused and took the wrong exit. I found myself in a neighborhood straight out of a bad movie – decrepit, graffiti covered warehouses, boarded up wooden houses and empty store fronts. Not a soul in the streets, no cars moving. I wanted to make my way out of there post-haste, but driving around just got me deeper into the maze. I kept expecting the gun-totin’ gangs to come after me. Eventually I asked a couple of policemen for instructions, and made it back to the highway somewhat shaken, but safe and sound.

The rest of the way was ok; I made it to the hotel. Since my room wasn’t ready yet I drove around looking for groceries and scouting the way to the lab. This area (Hudson valley) is beautiful; it’s rural, not too many houses or cars, and the country roads are narrow and twisting. The trees are all bare and the ground is covered with snow.

Later Jimi and his lovely wife Andrea picked me up for lunch (brunch?). A strict moratorium was imposed against talking about work, but we kept breaking it. Bad geeks! much fun was had (no other option with Jimi & co in the house). After lunch we walked around Mt Kisco, visited Borders (I exercised restraint successfully) and a fresh produce market. My silly hotel room has no kitchen accessories, so I’m sticking to fruits, fluids, and eating out.

Now that I’ve caught up on email and stuff, I shall work for a while, and then check out the fitness center. We’re expecting a blizzard tonight – that should be an interesting experience!


February 26, 2005

into the lair of the rHype

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I’m leaving for the airport in less than an hour, traveling to the Watson research lab to meet the rHype team. There are many things I wish to accomplish during this trip – including daily blogging. Stay tuned…

shared calendaring

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Orna and me decided we need a shared calendar. Most
families keep one on the wall, usually in the kitchen area. We now
keep a shared file on the local server. The file is in emacs’s diary
format and email reminders are sent nightly via the wonders of cron
and emacs -eval.

# -- repeatedly run the Emacs diary-reminder
xemacs -batch \
-l diary-lib \
-eval "(let \
    ((diary-mail-days 3) \
     (european-calendar-style t) \
     (diary-file \"/path/to/diary\") \
     (rcpts '(\"muli@localhost\" \"ladypine@localhost\"))) \
  (mapcar \
   (lambda (addr) \
     (let \
         ((diary-mail-addr addr)) \
       (diary-mail-entries))) \

February 22, 2005

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I’m back from the dentisht and talking all funny. Thish wash the shecond (and hopefully, lasht) root canal. Next up are a couple of shurgical exctractionsh, once I’m back from the Watshon trip. Joy!

February 21, 2005

interesting reading

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The Use of Name Spaces in Plan 9, by Rob Pike.

(via ericvh)

February 15, 2005

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rHype – The IBM Research Hypervisor.

More to come.

February 14, 2005

new toys of the computing kind

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I have two new toys of the computing kind. Say hello to elwyn, an
apple G5 (drool…) running yellowdog Linux:

[muli@elwyn muli]$ uname -a
Linux elwyn 2.6.4-1.1321 #1 Mon Mar 15 22:51:37 EST 2004 ppc ppc ppc GNU/Linux

and rhun, my new work Thinkpad T42p running RedHat:

[muli@rhun muli]$ uname -a
Linux rhun 2.4.21-27.0.2.EL #1 Wed Jan 12 23:46:37 EST 2005 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

A kernel infusion for both will take place as soon as I get to it.

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It’s not often that I mention my studies on lj, but this warrants a mention, by all gods big and small: a perfect 100 on my computability exam. Score!

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I love the smell of just-washed floors. I should induce said smell more often. That is all.

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