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February 26, 2005

into the lair of the rHype

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I’m leaving for the airport in less than an hour, traveling to the Watson research lab to meet the rHype team. There are many things I wish to accomplish during this trip – including daily blogging. Stay tuned…

shared calendaring

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Orna and me decided we need a shared calendar. Most
families keep one on the wall, usually in the kitchen area. We now
keep a shared file on the local server. The file is in emacs’s diary
format and email reminders are sent nightly via the wonders of cron
and emacs -eval.

# -- repeatedly run the Emacs diary-reminder
xemacs -batch \
-l diary-lib \
-eval "(let \
    ((diary-mail-days 3) \
     (european-calendar-style t) \
     (diary-file \"/path/to/diary\") \
     (rcpts '(\"muli@localhost\" \"ladypine@localhost\"))) \
  (mapcar \
   (lambda (addr) \
     (let \
         ((diary-mail-addr addr)) \
       (diary-mail-entries))) \

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