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June 27, 2004

PNS #47, #48, #49 – I love tennis and will-power is everything

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The weekend was pretty damn fine, PNS-wise. Played tennis[0] on Friday and Saturday, watched for I ate[1], and achieved my weight goal for this week! I am now 9.2kgs less than when I started this diet. Although there’s plenty more to go, that’s starting to border on “respectable”. What’s better, I am getting into an athletic frame of mind[2], which means that in any day that I don’t engage in sports, I miss it.

This morning had a very-good workout in the gym, although my entire body is sore from tennis. Started with 28 minutes on the cross, in my usual “weight loss” program. The program has 7 alternating 4 minute segments, where in one segment the cross is “level” (all major leg muscles), and in the next segment it is elevated (inclined) (thighs and buttocks). I usually try to maintain a pulse of 145-150, which is in the middle of my cardiovascular range, and then go up to 155-160 for the next-to-last segment, and go to 160-170 for the last segment. Today the last segment was particularly hard, and I kept chanting “SEAL SEAL SEAL” in my mind to avoid giving up. I didn’t.

Plan for tomorrow is gym again, and then pool on Tuesday. Assuming my body can keep up with this pace, of course…[3]

[0] With ladypine on Friday, and then with ladypine, nyh and Hadar on Saturday. Hadar beat me 6-1, which is a great incentive to get better šŸ™‚

[1] except for one incident – on Friday night, after a pretty exhausting day and 1.5 hours of tennis, I had a tiny supper. Then I went to sleep hungry, assuming that I would wake up in the morning refreshed. Instead I woke up at 2 AM, *hungry*, and had a rather large midnight snack. Note to self: not enough food is just as bad as too much food.

[2] “athletic frame of mind”, or more likely, an endorphin rush.

[3] It can. I’m tougher than I think.

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