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June 11, 2004

PNS day 33: ouch ouch ouch

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Just came back from the pool. My upper body feels like it’s made out of lead. I can barely lift my arms. Happiness.

I started with a good workout at the gym. Then I walked 7 kms to the DVD place to pick up Bruce Lee’s “Fists of Fury”, which we plan to watch tonight with yrk and Sarah. We were planning on Enter the Dragon, but alas, someone took it. Then met ladypine at the pool. I only did 500 meters, though – not having eaten any breakfast killed me.

The plan for tomorrow is to help my father rearrange his storage area. This happens every few months, and entails lifting many boxes of books. Fun for the whole family. Other than that, maybe Tennis or pool. Definitely no weights.

Yesterday we watched Troy. Considering the number of semi-naked extremely muscular men on parade, I think it will be a worthy edition to the motivational movies shelf.

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