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June 21, 2004

John Keegan’s The History of Warfare

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I’ve been reading this massive tome on and off for the last year. Last night I finally sat down and finished it. Overall, I’m in awe of the breadth of this book, and less than thrilled with the execution. I think it could’ve been a much better book, had it stepped back from the details and gave the big picture first. I’m very glad I read it, though, and plan on reading some of Keegan‘s other works.

PNS day 43: sweet pain of mine

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Last week sucked PNS-wise; I was all bent out of motivation by a couple of bad days at the beginning of the week, and it took the rest of the week to recuperate.

This week, however, started off great. Standard workout yesterday afternoon, followed by abs at night at home in front of Hero, followed by a phenomenal workout this morning. My whole body hurts, but in a GOOD way.

Plan for tonight is abs again, then maybe swimming pool tomorrow morning.

On the weight front, I’m 200 grams from my lowest weight ever since starting PNS training. I look forward to tomorrow. I want to be 4 kgs less by the time we leave for Boston and OLS.

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