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August 27, 2004

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The reiser4 and pwc threads on lkml are really bringing out the nutters out of the woods. lkml is a zoo.

and since someone asked, here’s my opinion on the pwc business:

Have you seen the threads on lkml? See the links at for how it got to be this way.

Basically, I think greg is 100% right (no hooks that are only useful for binary-only modules), I think Linus is 100% right (if the author wishes to remove the code he wrote, we should respect that), and I think the assorted whiners should realize that the code is GPL’d. You can read it, fork it, and if you rewrite it and offer to maintain it, it will be back in the kernel very quickly. Of course, it’s much easier to whine.

and here’s my opinion on reiser4:

nice toy. Now go play somewhere else.

Yeah, I’m harsh. Got a problem with it? write some code and prove me wrong 😉

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