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January 25, 2005

On Linux Device Drivers and Giving Talks

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I will be giving the Introduction to Linux Device Drivers talk tomorrow to the Operating Systems class in the Technion’s CS faculty. To be honest, I am entirely not looking forward to it (that’s the main reason I haven’t posted it here until now). This has happened before; however, whenever I stepped on stage and started talking I immediately began enjoying it. I hope the same thing will happen tomorrow…

Regardless of how I feel about this talk, I’d like to thank Prof. Assaf Schuster for inviting me to give the talk and the constructive criticism on the slides, to Orna for her excellent xfig-fu and editing prowess addressing said criticism, and to the anonymous poster on for the honest feedback.

Usenix ’05

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The program for Usenix ’05 has been published.

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