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May 17, 2005

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Looks like IBM has joined the modern age and will start encouraging employees to blog. Here’s the Official Blogging Policy. This is probably a good time to mention once again that anything you read here does not represent in any way shape or form IBM’s opinions. Like… duh.

Zurich, cont

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Airport -> Train -> Hotel. Nothing special to talk about, everything was simple and efficient.

The hotel has a spectacular view and pretty good food, but other than that, it’s craptacular. Expensive, no air conditioning(!), and the wireless is so expensive it’s best referred to as “extortion”. As is plainly evident from the fact that you’re reading this, I succumbed to the extortion.

Zurich, the beginning

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Yesterday I ate breakfast in Haifa, Israel. Today I ate breakfast on the shore of the Lake of Zurich, Switzerland, watching a swan swim by. Life is good sometimes.

The flight was uneventful. The plane was full, but I had a relatively comfortable aisle seat and a non-annoying person in the seat next to me. I even got some work done, mostly reading papers (e.g. An I/O Architecture for Mikrokernel-Based Operating Systems) and patent filings (yuck). Once I got tired of work I watched half of Coach Carter, which was mind numblingly simplistic, but in a good way.

(got to call in for a conference call now; more later)

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