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June 2, 2005

Things I’d Never Thought I’d Say

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“I watched good TV last night”[1].

An episode of Friends(!) that had some subtlety, an episode of Law & Order that was excellent as usual, as episode of ER that actually made me shiver[2] and the first episode of Nip / Tuck, which really was as good as it’s claimed to be. Reflecting about it now, I realize that the shows felt *real* and made me care, if only for a few moments.

[1] in my defense, I was after very little sleep, a long day of military reserve duty, and my wrists hurt when I type. Doesn’t leave too many options.

[2] Spoiler alert: it’s the one where the ER is quiet all night, and Benton rips Gant the surgical intern a new one because he messes up. Carter sides with Benton and lets Gant down. At the end of the night a terribly mauled patient arrives after having jumped or tripped in front of the train. Everyone is happy to finally have some work and feel sorry for the patient who has no face left. Benton asks for Gant to be paged. The patient’s pager beeps… the looks on Benton and Carter’s faces as they realize they’re working on Gant are haunting.


  1. Talk about long day….
    Talk about long day….,
    I was at the embassy(*.il) the whole morning trying to get a VISA, with all the paranoia, questions and lovely Jewish chics definitely not noticing me coz of my obvious nerdish black look. Now I’m seated somewhere and my legs hurt!
    About the Journal. This is obviously a good place for newbies/wanna be’s like me to get notions of how good it is to work for IBM and dreaming of my name appearing in the Table Of Contents someday.

    Comment by kakarizz — June 2, 2005 @ 10:57 AM | Reply

  2. Friends…
    Friends… /me likes Friends. A lot of fellow computer geeks mock me for liking shows like Friends or “The Gilmore Girls”. But I still think they are very cool.
    I managed to mock this “anti-girly” attitude of some hackers several times. For instance this piece from my quotes page which is actually an IRC conversation. And it’s also a recuring theme in my “The Human Hacking Field Guide” story.
    Which episode of Friends was it, BTW?

    Comment by shlomif — June 2, 2005 @ 11:55 AM | Reply

    • Re: Friends…
      I just love it how your comment is all about you, you, you.
      It was the episode where Rachel and Joey go on a date, Phoebe buys Chandler and Monica a Miz-Pacman arcade machine and Ross teaches a grad seminar across the city.

      Comment by mulix — June 2, 2005 @ 12:45 PM | Reply

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