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August 25, 2005

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So I figured I’d give this google talk thing a whirl… muliby@gmail.

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Cell documents are out.

I’m fairly certain at this stage I’ll be getting a playstation 3. This will be my first console since the original Nintendo 15 or so years ago… Still haven’t decided if I’ll get one or two PS3’s (one to play on, the other to play with).

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“We can do a few things very well or we can do a great many things poorly. There is no middle ground. Long ago [we] developed the concept of main and supporting efforts, as well as mission essential tasks. If we would employ these concepts, everything would not be a priority, and unit focus would not shift from day to day. Movement is not necessarily progress, nor is constant re-organization.”

From a letter regarding “Today’s US Army”, but oh so applicable to certain projects I’ve worked on…

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