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September 16, 2005

travel plans

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So it looks like I’m heading for the US again next week. First a few days in Austin working on Xen related things, and then a week in the NY area working on … other Xen related things.

I don’t know yet how busy this trip will be. Options range from “laid back” to “lock me in the lab until it works”, and are mostly dependent on other people, so we’ll just have to wait and see.


  1. World Cup 2006
    Okay, I’m ready to make the prediction.
    Europe is allowed 14 teams. Germany (the hosts) and Ukraine (clinched their group) are in.
    The 12 others will be made up of the remaining seven group winners, the two best runners-up and three winners of play-offs involving other six runners-up.
    To make it to the next stage, then, you need first or second place.
    Group four is a mess because there are four strong teams but…
    Israel won at Faroe Islands and your last game is against them again at home. This appears to be an easy win. That will give you 18 points.
    France is looking in good shape here to win the group. They have an easy win against Cyprus at home giving them at least 19.
    (You owe France big time for Ireland’s defeat which keeps them at 13 points.)
    Switzerland is in first place now thanks to goal differential but they have to travel to Ireland (where I think they will lose) and also play France (and they ain’t gonna win this one either). The best they can hope for here are two draws but I think a draw and a loss is more likely.
    Prediction: France and Israel survive the group.
    Don’t pop the champagne yet though because ANYTHING can happen in football… like number 6 world ranked England losing to number 116 world ranked Northern Ireland earlier this week !!!!!!! That hurt bad. (Plus our best player, Wayne Rooney picked up another yellow card and thereby got himself suspended for the next game at home against Austria… where England need to win bad.
    Here are the current standings of all the groups.

    Comment by 77azkkr — September 17, 2005 @ 5:19 AM | Reply

    • It figures…
      Remember up above where I said that Switzerland will probably lose to Ireland ?
      Well, Roy Keane (Manchester United captain and best Irish player by a mile) just broke something called a “metatarsal” in his left foot today in the match against Liverpool.
      Oh boy, without him, Switzerland has a chance. If Switzerland wins it will sink Israel.
      The lesson here is obvious. Shoot your mouth off, go out on a limb, stick your neck out, try to look intelligent by forecasting a result… and then look stupid when something happens.

      Comment by 77azkkr — September 18, 2005 @ 6:28 PM | Reply

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