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November 7, 2006

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Apparently, advogato can now syndicate blogs from other sites (thanks for the heads up zaitcev) so let’s give it a try. Welcome back (again) advogato!

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05/11/06 – Spotted an annoying thinko in the calgary-bios-cleanup patch and sent Andi Kleen a fix. Also looked into hardware for next year’s planned escapades, listened to talk by Stu Feldman (currently IBM VP, but previously the guy who invented make) on Exploratory Research and Services Science, and installed an ssh client on the mobile toy. Hee hee!

06/11/06 – Spent a few frustrating hours trying to get xen-unstable to create a new domain, so that I could give it direct access to a NIC. Failed miserably. Not quite sure what’s wrong yet, except that do_domctl() is returning -1. Probably an incompatibility between the iommu-xenlinux tree and the xen-unstable tools, but more head banging required. Useful tip – always compile the tools with XEN_PYTHON_NATIVE_INSTALL=y if you have more than one python version installed. Also worked on a research proposal for next year on IOMMU performance and listened to Eliot Jaffe’s talk about the Internet Archive’s storage woes.

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