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April 15, 2007

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Dear diary. Wow, its been a long time since I’ve updated you. I kept meaning to but … life got in the way. I’m writing this from the lounge at Ben-Gurion airport, waiting for the boarding call to the flight to NY. This is the first time I’m leaving home for travel since Yael was born. Everyone kept telling me it’s different, and I didn’t believe them, but it is… I haven’t even boarded the plane and I already miss Orna and Yael something fierce.

Then why am I leaving, you ask? I am headed for the Xen summit, taking place at the IBM T. J. Watson research center in upstate New York, where I will be giving a talk on IOMMU performance (or lack thereof…). What’s that? what’s so lacking in IOMMU performance? well, I could tell you, but the data is still preliminary and we’re still analyzing the results. At the summit I’ll be presenting preliminary results and some thoughts for the future — the real deal will be presented at OLS ’07.

There’s the boarding call. Later, diary dearest.

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