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February 28, 2019

Data center vignettes #2

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It’s Thursday. The weekend is near. But you may not be able to enjoy it. The word has come down from above with the final requirements for next year’s Cassandra cluster’s growth. It’s going to have to grow by a lot. We’re talking seven if not eight figures. Not uptime or nodes. Dollars. Greenbacks. You’re going to have to invest a few millions, maybe tens of millions, in a new storage backend for the Cassandra cluster, because what you have right now is already bursting at the seams. When you built the cluster on direct attached storage, it made sense. That’s what all the cool kids were doing. The one true way to build a cloud — just stick the SSDs into the compute nodes.

As the work week draws to a close, you realize that you’re going to have to think different. To think hyperscale. And hyperscale means storage disaggregation. If it’s good enough for AWS, Facebook, and all those other guys, it has got to be good enough for your Cassandra cluster. But you don’t have their engineering teams or scale (yet). where are you going to find a disaggregated storage solution that fits your needs, runs on your servers, with your SSDs, and your existing data center network?

Rest easy and enjoy the weekend, friend. Lightbits LightOS is coming soon and it delivers exactly what you need.

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