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July 8, 2003

Gidi Aharonovich and Shoshannah Forbes talking about accessibility at IBM HRL

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I’m writing this while sitting in a colloqium talk at the IBM Haifa Research Lab auditorium, where I work. Shoshannah Forbes, of linux-il fame, and Gidi Aharonivich, who’s blind from birth, are giving a talk on website and otherwise accessibility. As far as I’m personally concerned, they’re preaching to the converted. However, I never write websites and shy away from writing any sort of non textual user interface, so anything I write is (not?) accessible by definition.

Later today I have the second algorithmics class, which I’m looking forward to (see last week’s entry).

LOL, Gidi just mentioned that many sites that specifically cater to the blind are actualy not accessible to the blind!

Good talk, too bad my laptop’s battery died in the middle. *grumble*.

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  1. Heh
    Text user interfaces are like ASCII: they fuck everyone over the same amount 🙂

    Comment by moshez — July 9, 2003 @ 2:01 AM | Reply

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