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July 20, 2003

10 minutes to taxi to airport

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That’s it. At 20:30, the ride to the airport, courtesy of IBM, should be here and we will be on our merry way. Reading material packed:

– Understading the Linux Kernel, 2nd Ed, by Bovet and Cesati. It only seems fitting, considering I’m travelling to a Linux kernel conference 😉

– John Keegan’s A History of Warfare

– Greg Eagan’s Diaspora, which ladypine bought me for my birthday and arrived from amazon today. Talk about good timing!

Time to turn hydra off and browse the duty free’s shopping deals. Cheers!

Interesting papers to look up and read

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Jack Edmonds – Paths, Trees and Flowers:

Click to access 140-144.pdf

Chudnovsky on the Strong Perfect Graph Theorem:

Number Field Sieve:

proud denizen of L23B

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I am sitting now at the new office, L23B. Previously, I shared a room with two consultants, each of whom was here for one day a week. Consequently, I had a large room to myself most of the time. Now I share an office the size of a matchbox with someone I haven’t even met yet. Needless to say, I’m less than thrilled. Where’s the daily dilbert strip to remind me that things could be worse? I could be in a cubicle *shudder*

Things to take care of in the new office: – shelves, at least three of them – elerian’s network is down, looks like a port problem (fixed temporarily by switching with roomie’s machine’s port, hee hee) (fixed permanently by getting an 8 port switch from system) – gofannon’s account is locked out (fixed) – we have no wastebasket, get one

OLS countdown – 24 hours to takeoff

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Spent the last few hours setting up my new laptop from work, hydra, in preparation for OLS. hydra is a T21 stinkpad craptop, and I already like it much better than tea, my old R30 stinkpad. Setting hydra up includes configuring xemacs to behave properly, finding a suitable wallpaper, installing BitchX, copying everything important over from tea and synching my kernel trees.

I think I’ll download mozilla-firebird now (done while writing), compile a 2.5 kernel (will wait for the morning…) and hit the sack. Cheers!

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