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July 20, 2003

proud denizen of L23B

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I am sitting now at the new office, L23B. Previously, I shared a room with two consultants, each of whom was here for one day a week. Consequently, I had a large room to myself most of the time. Now I share an office the size of a matchbox with someone I haven’t even met yet. Needless to say, I’m less than thrilled. Where’s the daily dilbert strip to remind me that things could be worse? I could be in a cubicle *shudder*

Things to take care of in the new office: – shelves, at least three of them – elerian’s network is down, looks like a port problem (fixed temporarily by switching with roomie’s machine’s port, hee hee) (fixed permanently by getting an 8 port switch from system) – gofannon’s account is locked out (fixed) – we have no wastebasket, get one

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