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July 8, 2003

Haifux python talk

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On Monday afternoon, I gave the from python import lecture talk to Haifux. About 20 people showed up, which was considerably more than I expected, considering we’re in the middle of the Technion’s exam season. The talk went rather well, if I may say so myself. I made the usual mistakes of talking to the more knowledgable subset of the audience, but I also made sure to explain even things that seem obvious to me and that subset, because they weren’t necessarily obvious to the rest of the audience.

Giving this talk was harder than usual, because I’m no python expert. I gave it for the first time a year and a half ago, in order to have an excuse for learning python, and yesterday I gave it again in preperation for moshez‘s advanced python talk at the next club meeting, but I’m not a python guru for any stretch of the imagination. We have moshez for that. During the lecture there were several questions I had to answer with “I don’t know”, but all of them were answerable with 10 seconds in front of the python interpreter.

All in all, an enjoyable evening, even though I was very tired. Next semester I’ll be studying Algorithms on Monday evenings, so no Haifux meetings for me after September. I’ll miss the club, the clubbers, and the talks.

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  1. s/they weren’t necessarily obvious to the rest of the audience/there was no chance in the world that everybody would have known everything/.
    cur and cdr indeed!!

    Comment by ladypine — July 11, 2003 @ 5:54 AM | Reply

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