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July 13, 2003

All Code Sucks – The Repository

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My good friend Oleg Goldshmidt, has created a repository for for stupid software patterns, aptly named All Code Sucks. Read and be horrified by the stupidity of thy fellow programmers. Or be amused. Or just shoot them all.


  1. No Comments
    I wish Oleg would allow comments on All Code Sucks đŸ˜¦

    Comment by moshez — July 13, 2003 @ 9:01 PM | Reply

    • Re: No Comments
      You can always comment the old fashioned mailto: way… I’m sure interesting comments would fine themselves added to the post.

      Comment by mulix — July 13, 2003 @ 10:17 PM | Reply

      • From the not-so-anonymous coward, a.k.a. Oleg Goldshmidt
        I will gladly allow comments, as well as automated submissions (I will still reserve reasonable editing rights, in exchange of full withdrawal rights), provided two problems are resolved:
        1) I need an infrastructure for that, and I am not willing to invest too much time or effort in web development. If anyone have good suggestions, welcome. Minimal investment on my part, i.e. I need to concentrate on contents, not maintenance, is an essential condition.
        2) The web page is hosted by Fiasco. When we (Mulix and myself) joined Fiasco our hosting needs included “static web pages”. I do not know if it is polite to start a dynamic web page on Fiasco, with comments etc. Of course, one can argue that the traffic will not be on the /. scale. But then, as long as it it low, just send me an email and I’ll post it with a bit of a lag.

        Comment by Anonymous — July 14, 2003 @ 12:49 AM

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