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July 25, 2003

Les Suites hotel

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Mon, July 22nd, 17:57

The rooms in Les Suites are actually apartments. A fully stocked kitchen, living room, bedroom, rest room and a utility room, with washing machine and drier. Living in style, indeed…

When we got to the hotel, the person at the front desk gave us a room on the third floor. Upon opening the door, we reeled back from the stench of cigarette smoke. Once we stepped inside, we were deafened by the noise from the street. Orna immediately put on her assertive hat, went back to the front desk, and got us a non smoking room on the 17th floor instead. Yay!

While the new room was pretty good, it didn’t have any broadband available. We asked, but all of the broadband rooms were either taken or reserved, and we settled into our room. We learned that there’s free wireless coverage in the hotel, and I decided to buy a wireless card, unless one will be provided at OLS, like in previous years.

We slept for a few hours in the afternoon after checking in, for which Orna blames me. I blame the jet lag.

In preparation for OLS, I compiled and installed kernel 2.6.0-test1 on hydra. Can’t go to a kernel convention without running the latest kernel. Went smoothly, except for the new module init tools I had no way to download. Since I build mostly monolithic kernels, no big deal… I’ll download them when I get on the network.

Next: how we spent the first evening in Ottawa.

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