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July 25, 2003

up and awake at 6 AM

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Tue, July 22nd, 06:15

It’s six AM and I’m up and bouncy. I blame the jet lag.

Last evening, we walked around downtown Ottawa. We had good weather, and Ottawa is beautiful. Wide streets, very little traffic compared to what I expected, and people of many ethnicities. A few minutes of walking around were enough for me to ask Orna if she might want to live here :->

We stopped at chapters in order to check out the internet cafe and email Oleg about the wireless cards used at IBM HRL. Naturally, the internet cafe was out of order. Then we took the Ottawa Haunted Walk tour. Orna says it’s about typical, but I was disappointed with it. We didn’t get into any supposedly haunted locations, just stood outside and heard stories about them, which were mostly repetitive and didn’t have any “interesting” details. Orna says it was light on history, too. It was a nice excuse to walk through downtown for a couple of hours, though.

After the haunted walk ended at 21:30, we watched a light and sound show on parliament hill. Then we went looking for food at the Rideau Mall, and due to the late hour all we found was orange juice and Reese’s peanut butter cups. At least it was a good excuse to get the peanut butter cups ๐Ÿ˜‰ Went back to the hotel room, debated which movie to watch on the hotel pay-per-view system – Orna wanted Holes, I considered Tears of the Sun. We ended up watching The Simpsons on one of the local TV channels, and eventually fell asleep.

OLS registration begins today!

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