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July 25, 2003

What we did on Tuesday

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Wed, July 23rd, 10:00

On Tuesday morning, we woke up pretty early, at 6 AM in fact. I blame the jet lag. We went out in search of breakfast, strolled through byward market, which was in the process of being set up, and eventually ended up at Tim Horton’s, in Rideau Mall. So much for our search for quality food. At 8 AM, we went to the local super market, Loeb’s and bought 91CAD worth of food. Took the food to the room, arranged it in the fridge and cardboards, and went back to sleep.

Around 2 PM, we woke up. Cooked a tasty lunch from the food we bought, and then went to register for OLS (happy happy joy joy!). At the registration desk, we discovered that no wireless cards will be supplied this year. Since the thought of having no network access was appalling (for me, at least… Orna could handle it just fine) we set out to buy a wireless card.

The first step was to take down the model numbers of all of the cards available in the local computer shop, compucenter. Then, I went to chapters’ internet cafe to see which of the cards is supported in Linux. Buying a non supported card can be fun, if documents are available, but I needed it working now. Turns out that only one(!) of the cards, a USR 2410 card, works. While I was googling, Orna was shopping at chapters. I told her that I’m done, looked at the gazillion books she picked up, waited for her to pay for them, and then we went together to buy the card – only to find someone else from OLS bought it! The only copy! Argh!

We immediately set out on a long walk to the next nearest computer store in the area, and bought a card that appeared to be supported, a D-Link DWL-650+ card. The card looked like it requires a driver from, which requires net access to download. Chicken and egg problem, indeed. What I intended to do was boot into the never used windows partition on hydra, my IBM laptop, use the drivers supplied with the card to download the linux driver, and then use that. Calm in the knowledge that I have a card that should work, while still experienced enough to have that ominous feeling in the pit of my stomach that says anything that can go wrong, will, we went back to the hotel room. In the room, I discovered that I have no CDROM drive on the laptop, and thus no way to download the Linux drivers. Banged head against wall several times.

By this time, Orna was growing restless (to put it mildly) that we’re chasing after wireless cards instead of touring Ottawa, like good little tourists (it’s my diary, I’m allowed to whine). So we went out to look at the river and talk about various things, try to synchronize our expectations. Eventually we went back to Les Suites, after buying disinfectant for my hand and Taco Bell for dinner. At the lobby, we met the illustrious zwane and the magnificent sarnold. The four of us went out to the to the Highlander Pub, where much merriment was had. Eventually stumbled back to the hotel (I had a Vodka Martini and some Cognac, *hic*), and went to sleep.

In the morning, I woke up early and went to OLS’s network area to download a driver for the wireless card. After banging head against wall, a kernel compile and some heavy RTFM’ing, discovered that contrary to what I thought, the card is not really supported!. Orna took charge, and we went back to the store and returned it. By the time we got back to the congress center, it was 10 AM, and Orna went to hear the performance talk, while I went to Jon Corbet’s Porting Drivers to 2.6 talk. On the way in, met the venerable Behdad Esfahbod.

Next: Jon Corbet’s Porting Drivers to 2.6 talk.

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