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July 31, 2003

Asynch IO for 2.5 and IBM banquet dinner

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Thu 16:30

Async IO for 2.5.

Walked out of this one pretty soon after it started, due to the speaker’s indian accent and the light bulb that went up over my head – I can use xchg() to replace the syscall pointer atomically! Rushed out to finish my “how to port syscalltrack to 2.5” paper and email it to sct-hackers. Also Did the identity ritual with a few more people.

Today was the banquet dinner, sponsored by IBM. Had it with sarnold, mharris@redhat and another Redhat guy. The food was reasonable, the Alan Cox Stories were superb.

dinner speech was by Ian Stewart, of grid fame, and I spent most of it thinking about projects I could do independent research on:

– continue developing syscalltrack. – persistent scheduler. – storage intrusion detection.

Need to think more about all of them.

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