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July 31, 2003

Kai on the 2.5 kernel’s build system

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Sat 13:30

what we did on Friday night:

After rik’s talk, I sat and hacked on shared page tables for a few hours, since there were no interesting talks/bofs. Talked with Shawn Starr about adding sysfs support to ISA sound drivers, and with Orna and some other people and various other things. Eventually, people drifted off to the BOFs (Orna went to the Women in Linux BOF) and I went back to the room. Eventually, finished my book (Greg Eagan’s Diaspora) (ending kind of a let down) and went to sleep.

This morning I continued hacking on shared page tables, and talked with people, some in real life, most in IRC. I had a vivid demonstration of how much I learned in OLS when someone asked a question and I was able to answer, because this exact issue was discussed in the NUMA scheduler BOF. Hooray!

Around noon Orna wanted to get something to eat, and we went to the mall. Stopped in the music shop and bought tons of DVDs and some CDs, and then had fast food sushi. What a great invention! I hope someone imports it to .il.

Now listening to Kai talk about kbuild 2.5. Nothing new so far.

Disgressing: on the shpte front, I merged almost all of the code. I have three rejects in rmap.c, where the patch doesn’t fit any of the vanilla kernels from 2.5.60 to 2.5.75. Yes, I checked:

$ export prevnum=60; for num in `seq 61 75`; do mkdir linux-2.5.$num; \ cp -al linux-2.5.$prevnum/* linux-2.5.$num; (cd linux-2.5.$num && \ bzcat ../patch-2.5.$num.bz2 | patch -p1); prevnum=$num; done

$ for num in `seq 60 75`; do (cd linux-2.5.$num && patch -p1 $num.patchresults; done

$ grep -il rej *.patchresults

I need to find out what tree it’s against, or figure out from the patch snippets what the author meant. It’s code in the swap out path (try_to_unmap_one()), which I don’t know much about – yet.

Oh, Kai is talking about the interesting stuff now:

– make some/path/file.o object file – make some/path/file.i preprocessed – make some/path/file.s assembler – make some/path/file.lst annotated asm (cool!)

– make SUBDIRS=drivers/isdn/hisax modules

Makefile changes from 2.4 – 2.6: say any given thing just once. “descend into subdir to build those files / descend into subdir to link those files into an object file / link the object file into the kernel image” can be said once with “descend into this subdir”.

After the talk, stepped out to email a reminder about August Penguin’s key signing party and see if Gilad put up the book crossing page – he did, great.

A couple of gpg people snagged me to do the identification ritual, including Olaf Kirch, of SuSE fame, who actually remembered me from our discussion re syscalltrack. I was too amazed to remember to ask him if SuSE might be interested in it. Damn!

Now sitting in the bugzilla BOF, where people are discussing the scary query page (a usability nightmare) and a mail interface to bugzilla. Neat.

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