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August 14, 2003

phrack 61 is out

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Forgot to mention, phrack 61 is out! Hijacking Linux Page Fault Handler is particularly enjoyable.

trident, apartment hunting, cat and reading

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Marcelo applied my trident.c patch to 2.4.22-rc1 (or rc2, not sure, I
got some of the commit mails out of order), so it will be out in
2.4.22. Neat.

Went out apartment hunting yesterday evening. Saw one so-called
studio apartment that was smaller than a sardine box, in a building
that reminded me immensely of army barracks. Needless to say, I didn’t
take it. The hunt continues today.

While showering this morning, I idly wondered what shall I name the
cat I’ll get after I move in. Starting from the obvious Maud[0], I
went through div, and then it hit me: I’ll name the cat ‘sin’, as in
both ‘cardinal sin’ and ‘sin(PI)’.

Yesterday night I started reading the book Oleg gave me, Norvig’s
Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming. I read the first
chapter, and enjoyed it very much. Notable quotes:

"We can also define the function 'first-name'. Even though the
definition is trivial (it is the same as the function 'first'), it is
still good practice to define 'first-name' explicitly. Then we can use
the function 'first-name' when we are dealing with names, and 'first'
when we are dealing with arbitrary list. The computer will perform the
same operation in both cases, but we as programmers (and readers of
programs) will be less confused."

Just seen on kdgb-bugreports in someone’s sig: “No Matter Who You Are,
Most Of The Smartest People Work For Someone Else (Bill Joy)”. So

[0] Maud is ladypine‘s cat. See

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