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August 12, 2003

Appartment Hunt / Algorithmics

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Started the appartment hunt today, by calling random numbers I picked up from the bulletic board in the Open University. Not very promising, only one of the appartments sounds interesting, and I’ll be checking that one out tomorrow evening.

Today’s lesson in algorithmics dealt with parallel algorithms. We talked about parallel algorithmis for matrix multiplication for most of the lesson, with many interesting disgressions to anything from clusters, distributed systems and Knuth, and about parallel sorting algorithms for the rest. Interesting material, but my attention kept wandering. Next week is probabilistic algorithms, and then crypto, and then the semester is over, test (*gulp*) and the next semester starts.

I’m drinking some of the courvoisier I bought on the way to Canada now, and pondering what to hack on now. I’m in a lispish kind of mood.

I’m back on ICQ

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One of the things I set up for Dafna on Saturday was gaim . Today, feeling somewhat weird, I decided to set it up for myself as well. I’m now back on ICQ as number 13390361, muli. Cheers!

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