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September 21, 2003

Weekend is for sleeping

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This was a great weekend, modulu a few bumps. On Thursday night, we attended Gilad and Limor’s wedding, on the seashore near Havazellet. It’s a beautiful location, as befitting such a beautiful wedding. Gilad was highly excited, and Limor glowed with happiness. Orna and I mostly chatted Marc Volovic, Shachar Shemesh and Barequet and her boyfriend. The food was great, Marc was entertaining as usual, and much fun was had by all. We got home around 1 AM and crashed.

The next morning I woke up at 6:30 AM, threw myself into the shower to have a hope in hell of waking up, and headed to my first Infi lesson. The lesson wasn’t half as bad as I expected, but neither was it half as good as I’d hoped. It was stimulating, though, and I managed to stay awake and solve most of the problems, so I’ll call that a success.

I spent the rest of the weekend alternately sleeping and reading my AI in Lisp book. I read about the general problem solver and Eliza, stopping frequently to run the code snippets in my mind. I feel that my grasp of lisp has improved ten fold since I started reading this book, so thanks, Oleg! I keep having these crazy ideas about implementing the kernel’s VM / scheduling algorithms in lisp… More about that in anothe entry.

So, how was your weekend, gentle reader?

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