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September 22, 2003

A grad-student emotion check-list

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A grad-student emotion check-list.

From philg’s excellent site.

Quiet evening at home

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Yesterday evening was a blissful evening, calm, serene and productive. It was the first evening in a long time where both ladypine and I were at home, there was nothing urgent to do, no boxes to unpack and no crises to handle. We talked, I studied, worked on shpte a bit after a long hiatus, and ladypine edited the Whatsup interview[0]. Then we went to bed, and eventually, fell asleep[1]. May all evenings be like this!

[0] Watch this space and whatsup (hebrew) for updates.

[1] We fell asleep laughing, because the cat bit us because we were making too much noise. At exactly the wrong moments. Which moments are left as an exercise to the reader…

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