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October 28, 2003

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Wondering down the hall, trying to clear my head of the fugly code I’m rewriting at the moment, I happened to enter the library. Behold the treasures I found:

– One copy of Rochkind’s Advanced Unix Programming.
– One copy of Kernighan’s and Pike’s The Unix Programming Environment.
– One copy of the IBM Systems Journal issue on Storage Systems.

nice things that happened to me on the way to work

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First, a package was waiting at the post office: Joe Haldeman’s Forever Free, courtesy of shapirac and omerm. Then, I stopped for a hitchhiker on the way to work and during the ride she flirted with me. Amusing.

I took the plunge

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The last part of my morning workout (based on The Hacker’s Diet) is running in place. Running in place is boring. Today I went out jogging in the neighborhood instead, for the first time. I’ve been terrified of doing this and seeing just how much out of shape I am. I survived, and *I* *want* *more*!

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