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October 22, 2003

I’m on page 30

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Around page 20 I took a break and washed the dishes; around page 40 I’ll take another break and put stuff where it belongs. No rest for the wicked.


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Judging by the journal entry I just posted and the mail I fired off to hackers-il, I woke up pissed off at the world this morning. I suspect I’m actually pissed off at my self and taking it out on the world. *sigh*

working from home again today

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Since all I need to do is read a 100 pages long low level design document for tomorrow’s review. God, I hate code written in English. “This function will do bla bla bla” – just write the damned code already! C is clear and precise, unlike English!

I think I’ll go watch another chapter from the 24 second season DVD first, as a motivator(for what exactly? donno, but it worked yesterday!)

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