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November 11, 2003

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Sitting on the bleechers of Beit Biram’s[0] athletic field, waiting for the exam in algorithmics to start, I wonder yet again why I didn’t study nearly as much as I could. Will I ever enter an exam room feeling that I’m fully prepared?

Time to go in. Wish me luck, gentle reader!

[three hours later]

Well, that went rather well. The one that needed a reduction to the halting problem was nasty, and I got the co-NP one wrong at first, but then I realized I wasn’t using the right technique to prove that the dual problem is in NP.

Next tasks, calculus midterm in two weeks time, and a whole bunch of homework I’ve been neglecting. Back to the slave grind!

[0] Beit Biram is the Open University’s Haifa campus

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