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November 30, 2003

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Since ladypine bought the speaker set, it’s time to live up to my end of the bargain and acquire a digital camera. I’m thinking of a Nikon CoolPix 4300, based on the reasonable price (just under 2K NIS) and Oleg’s favorable impression of the CoolPix 3100.

I was a weekend media whore

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I was a bit sick this weekend and spent a lot of time lying down. This propensity for horizontal entertainment, coupled with the great set of speakers ladpyine bought on Friday, meant I spent a large parts of the weened in front of the TV, surrounded by 6 speakers and experiencing favorite movies in a whole new way. Movies watched include:

The great Saving Private Ryan

The mediocre Terminator 3, although The Governator was hillarious.

The excellent We Were Soldiers, one of the better war movies I’ve ever seen

And the classic Platoon.

Suggestions for more good war movies will be appreciated, in case I end up sick next weekend as well…

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By request of ideawerkz, my current workout regime:

Morning workout based on the exercises described in The Hacker’s Diet. I don’t do the leg bends, and I rarely do the running in the morning, but I do the bends, situps and push ups. Currently I’m at rung 15 of the introductory ladder, and it’s time I moved up to the lifetime ladder.

Evening exercises are 3-4 times a week at the gym at work:

30 minutes of aerobics. Currently I use the cross trainer machine to reduce stress on the knees, but I intend to move to running on a treadmill increasingly as my weight goes down and my stamina goes up. Also, it’s time I upped the time to around 40 minutes.

Some weight training: chest, back (rowing), legs (both big muscles), upper back and shoulders. I do one set of 15-20 repetitions, culminating with 100% effort – which means I can’t do another one after the last one.

And last but not least, stomach muscles: assorted exercises, totaling at about 100 situps.

That’s it, I think. I am considering other workouts, inspired in part by this recent acquisition, but since the current one is working well so far, I’m sticking with it. Comments appreciated!

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