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December 28, 2003

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Back to work after a week of military reserve duty, to find two new books waiting for me:
– Linux Kernel Development, by Robert Love
– Unix Systems for Modern Architectures – Symmetric Multiprocessing and Caching for Kernel Programmers, by Curt Schimmel

Yay for new books!

In other news, the weekend was mostly great. On friday ladypine and me went food shopping, and then had a great meal at Spargo accompanied by a bottle of very nice French wine *hic*. Then I met Vered (sister number one) for coffee, and then I spent a few hours setting up the scanner funcionality on Dafna’s (sister number two) HP PSC 2410 printer/scanner, on her Debian unstable system. It works, and I’ll document what I did (why yes, it *did* require a kernel recompilation!) soonish.

On Saturday, ladypine and me went to see LotR. All I can say is that once is definitely not enough. Then we had a quiet weekend at home, had a bit of a fight, discussed many things and reached many conclusions. Then I studied. Small statement, big achievement.

Today I have the first part of a “Linux System Programming” course at work. I daren’t get my hopes too high, but I hope to learn something. At worst (clueless instructor being the worst-case scenario), I’ll pretend to be listening and just hack the kernel all day. Watch this space for my real-time review of the class…

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