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March 1, 2004

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Yesterday, Dan
came by and visited HRL. We spent a few hours
together, talking about Linux, kernel hacking, the stuff I’m
working on, OLS
, coLinux, etc. Much
fun was had. After lunch, Dan gave a demonstration and
talk on coLinux, a.k.a. “that crazy hack”. Seeing KDE running in
coLinux with a remote display via a cygwin X server running on
the windows host is … interesting.

Dan has some interesting ideas with regards to the future
directions for coLinux. It is obvious that the allocation of
Linux pseudo-physical memory from the Windows non-pageable pool
is a scalability problem that needs to be solved. The top two
things on my personal wishlist are a coLinux native Linux port
(two or more Linux instances sharing ring 0), and I would love
to see MOSIX and coLinux
integrated. I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be done,
since each patch modifies different aspects of the kernel. MOSIX
is fairly detached from the hardware, dealing with the syscall
entry and exit path, page fault path and scheduler data
structures, while coLinux is a few i386 specific changes and
several virtual drivers. *finger-tips start itching*.

In other matters, I’ve been asked to give a one day workshop on
Linux development with an emphasis on kernel development. Here’s
the syllabus I have in mind:

  • Linux Kernel Overview
    , just to get us started.

  • Introduction to Writing Linux Device Drivers
    a.k.a. Muli can’t talk enough about klife.
  • Common Programmer Misconceptions – this talk will deal with
    several areas that most programmers find murky. Userspace
    vs. kernelspace, processes vs. threads performance
    characteristics, premature optimization being the root of all
    evil, the importance of coding style, why errors should always
    be checked, and using the right tool for the job.
  • Lunch break! (my favorite part of the day)
  • A very technical talk such as “hard and soft interrupt
    handling in the Linux kernel”. Specific subject TBD.

  • Linux Kernel Debugging
    , because that’s what you end up
    doing most of the tiem anyway.
  • Last two hours – an exercise, specifics TBD.

Comments appreciated… Would you like to attend such a workshop?
What subjects would you like to hear about?

In syscalltrack
matters, Amir continues doing impressive work. Yesterday
he committed a fix for a long standing race condition with
unloading of the rules module of the kind that makes my brain
hurt. I think it’s time for a new release soon, as soon as Amir
deems it stable enough.

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