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March 22, 2004

Yet Another Kernel Talk

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Giving the intro to Linux talk and the klife talk tomorrow yet again, this time to Eddie A.‘s “Linux Development Workshop” students, at Tel Aviv University.

Collosally busy tonight; far too many things to do. Will post more later, including some neat stuff about Whiskey, and some good news from the work front.

the economy is picking up?

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I guess the economy is really picking up after all… I got another call from a head hunter yesterday. Not that I’m interested, but it was interesting to hear what she was looking for (Linux kernel, what else?). First of all I told her that I’m not interested, and then I told her that if it was my dream position or order of magnitude better compenstation than what I have right now, I’m willing to listen. She asked what is my dream job, and I told her that developing Linux itself full time, as opposed to developing for Linux most of the time, like I do now. Then she asked what “order of magnitude more compensation” means, and we had an interesting back-and-forth, the details of which should not concern the readership of this journal ;-). Bottom line, I’m not interested, but it’s nice to be wanted.

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Yesterday, while refreshing the lj friends page constantly (which I use as my “rss aggregator”), I thought how nice it would be if I could just get new entries on rss feeds I watch to my email. Today, liw mentions rss2email, which does exactly that. This post, is in fact my rss2email test. Good luck, rss2email!

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