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July 3, 2004

assorted musings

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It’s my birthday today. I’ve had a lovely weekend, spent with ladypine and the rest of my family.

I see I haven’t updated my diary since Monday. Shame on me! let’s see what happened. On Tuesday, I worked (but not too much, because orrd visited HRL and gave a talk on TCPA), gave a short presentation to the Linux Kernel Reading Group I’m organizing at work on chapter 3 of Uresh Vahalia’s Unix Internals (excellent discussion), and then played Tennis with Orna in the evening. On Wednesday, I made significant progress on both of my projects, one of them an entire day before the deadline. One project required some mucking around with the kernel (much fun), and the other with bochs (c++ flavored fun) . On Thursday, I was on vacation, resting before the roleplaying convention we attended in the evening. Before the convention we met orenr, whom I haven’t seen in ages. It was very nice to meet him, and I’ll hope we’ll meet again in somewhat less than 4 years. On Friday, yesterday, there was work code that needed to be written and I had a great time writing it, and then we had a family dinner in the evening, which was a lot more fun than those things usually are. Today there was another family meal at noon, and then we played some tennis, and then my uncle came to visit, and now I’m writing this, and that’s about all, I think 馃檪

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