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July 18, 2004

OLS 2004 BLOG – day 2, Hello, Boston!

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We woke up at 2 AM in the morning. I
blame the jet lag. We watched some TV, read a little email. Eventually
we drifted back to sleep, and woke up in the morning. The plan for
today was see the harbor area attractions. We decided to take the T there, and then look around for
something to eat. I tend to be a little hungry in the mornings. We
took the T to the government center station, started walking around,
looking for Faneuil
. Eventually, we stopped and looked at the map, only to
realize Faneuil Hall is directly ahead of us.

boston harbor view 1
boston harbor view 2

In Faneuil Hall, we
had a delicious breakfast, a croissant sandwich. I had mine with egg,
cheese and bacon (yum!). Then we headed for the first and main
attraction of the day, the New England Aquarium.

The Aquarium was incredible. I think I’ll let the pictures speak for

yellow fish
colorful crab

Two hours later, we left the Aquarium and walked along the wharves. I
kept fantasizing about an appartment here, with its own marina, and
Orna kept talking about 20 below temperatures. We wanted to visit the
Boston Tea Party Ship, and then return to the IMAX theater. It
turned out that the Boston Tea Party Ship is closed until further
notice, and will probably open sometime in 2005. Instead, we bought
Orna some ice cream outside the Boston Children’s Museum.

By this time lunch time was drawing near. We headed over to Quincy
, with a brief detour to the “green fountain”.

orna and fountian

We had a great Mexican lunch at Quincy Market, and did a bit of
shopping. I finally bought the Navy
Seals Training 3 DVD set
I’ve wanted for ages. I also found a nice
watch at the swatch store, but we left that for later and ran to the 2
PM IMAX show. At the IMAX we watched “Volcanoes of the Deep”, which
was pretty but boring. Then we went back to Qunicy Market, bought my
watch, did some real shopping (groceries) and a lot of window shopping
(lovely – expensive! – silver pewters). On the way back to the hotel
we took the T during Friday afternoon rush hour, which is not a very
pleasant experience.

At night Orna didn’t feel very well, so we stayed in the hotel. Orna
slept, and I played with the TV, read email, confused swans and
peacocks, and did lots of other hotel-type fun stuff.

policeman on horse</a
boston sky line
boston sky line 2

Next up – Saturday is Museum Day.

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