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December 18, 2005

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I stayed up late last night rebasing the dma-mapping-ops patch against mainline and ak’s quilt patchset, then woke up late today. Spent a few hours dealing with urgent work matters (so much for vacationing…) and then a few more hours finishing the dma mapping-ops-patch. Tested and released dma-mapping-ops-K6 which ak will hopefully merge into mainline during the 2.6.16 merge cycle.

In the evening we were off to Tel Aviv for Hamakor‘s general assembly. It wasn’t particularly fun, but it had to be done. I’ll write more about the assembly and my thoughts on the state of Hamakor in general later.

Tomorrow I’m taking a vacation from vacationing and heading to the office in the morning for a bunch of VIP presentations. In the evening I’m giving the Xen-IOMMU talk at Haifux, and then we’re celebrating my parents wedding anniversary. So much for a quiet peaceful vacation 馃檪

misc ramblings

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Google university search is neat.

Apparently, I’m going to give the klife talk at the Technion’s CS facutly’s OS course again this semester. I wonder when they’ll get around to actually asking me 馃檪

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