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December 21, 2005

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Let no one say that I’m not milking the Xen-IOMMU talk for all it’s worth… I’m giving it today yet again at BGU’s CS department.

Monday was hectic, Nick Bowen visited HRL and I attended had a bunch of interesting discussions with him. During the first one in the morning he asked if I was running Xen on my laptop; when I admitted that I wasn’t at the moment, he asked if I will be by the end of the year and said that he remembers these things. By the time of our second meeting after lunch, I was running Xen and showed it to him. He was suitably impressed.

In the evening I gave the Xen-IOMMU talk to Haifux. I was pretty beaten, leading to a somewhat lack-luster, albeit well-received, performance. Hopefully today will go better.

Yesterday was my first real vacation today. It was almost perfect, except for one pesky flame-war on hamakor-discuss in the morning. I really should develop an (even) thicker skin.

Today I’m going to travel to Be’er-Sheva and read some more of Essentials of Programming Languages.

By the way, this blog is now being channeled on Planet Offtopic2.

Also, Free OS Zoo is neat and useful.

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