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November 3, 2006

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01/11/06 – on the Linux front, worked on two patches: a cleanup patch for Laurent’s excellent calgary-locate-bbars patch and a patch to recognize CalIOC2, the follow on chip to Calgary, which is mostly compatible. Other than that, the Other Project kept me busy.

02/11/06 – Messed with git and hg. I’ve given up on `hg email’ for sending kernel patches, but git-send-email works just fine once you get past the idiosyncrasies. Submitted the latest Calgary patchset to Andi Kleen, who promptly went and applied it to his tree. Woot 🙂 It includes the calgary-locate-bbars patches and a patch to make it possible to compile Calgary in but not use it by default, which is mostly useful for the distros.

03/11/06 – Weekend! didn’t get any work done, unless writing this counts as work 🙂

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