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November 8, 2006

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07/11/06 – more debugging of Xen in an attempt to perform an elusive and highly non trivial, in fact, downright *unusual*, hypervisor task
– creating a new domain. Eventually, learned to ignore the misleading
tool messages, got the versions of kernel, hypervisor and tools in sync and found out the kernel I was trying to boot can’t work as a domU kernel. D’oh! at this point it was midnight and the baby had worn me out completely so went to sleep.

08/11/06 – woke up and found an email with the calgary-recognize-calioc2 boot log. It wasn’t pretty, we were dying with a NULL pointer dereference in spin_lock_irqsave because of a NULL iommu_table. Quick perusal of the code revealed that I’m a doofus and only handled CalIOC2 in one place rather than the requisite two. Rewrote the patch – leading to a couple of nice cleanups in the old Calgary code – and shipped it off to be tested again.

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